Steampunk Lamp John Deere Farm #11-JD-2 - SOLD

Steampunk Lamp John Deere Farm #11-JD-2 - SOLD


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  • The instrument and control panel was salvaged from an old early day John Deere Tractor.
  • The Electrical control knob is labeled Off -1-L-B-D.  This panel was salvaged from an early JD tractor which apparently had lights to work after dark or before sunrise.
  • Gears used in this lamp are salvaged from old farm tractors.
  • Included with this lamp is a 60 W thread filament vintage style bulb; any standard size medium bulb will work.
  • Located on back side of this lamp is a variable intensity dimmer control, which adjusts the vintage style bulb      for desired light level output. This control is also a push on - push off main power control.
  • Lamp weigh is 18.2 Lbs.  H=27”, W=9”, D=15”
  • Rubber tip protectors are secured to supporting feet to help protect the surface upon which this lamp sets.
  • Heavy duty 8 ft power cord has grounded plug with 3 conductors.
  • Lamp wiring consists of 16 AWG aviation grade silver plated copper with Teflon insulation for durability.
  • All Lamp surfaces are grounded for safety, all wiring is securely clamped, protected, and meets safety standards.

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