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About Machine Age Lamps, LLC

About the Art

All of our steampunk lighting features are first and foremost one-of-a-kind works of machine age art. They are handmade in Lakeville, Minnesota, signed, and numbered by the artist.

Machine Age Lamps, LLC, sells handmade steampunk lamps from salvaged antique steam gauges, agricultural equipment, planes, ships, and other machine age parts.

We remain a family-owned and operated in Lakeville, Minnesota USA.

However, our lamps are more than just art. They are fully functional, carefully crafted lighting fixtures that come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

  • Uniquely handcrafted, signed and numbered - No 2 are the same
  • Antique steam gauges, gears and industrial artifacts - No reproductions
  • Copper ID plate riveted to each lamp with a unique serial #
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee 
  • Handcrafted and assembled in Lakeville, MN USA
  • Industrial grade UL listed electrical components


About the Artist

Shawn Carling
A few years ago, wanting to give his father a Christmas gift reminiscent of his life on the family farm, Shawn Carling found some old tractor parts, and built a unique lamp. His father was thrilled with the gift, as were others who saw it. That one labor of love changed Carling’s life forever. He left his 25-year corporate management career and devoted his time to creating one-of-a-kind, steampunk lamps, created from original gauges, gears and industrial artifacts. His work is displayed in homes, restaurants, bars and corporations from Las Vegas, to Hong Kong, to Tasmania.

Have you always worked with your hands?
I grew up on a small farm in rural North Dakota and loved to work with my hands. There was always something to fix, create or re-purpose. I then spent 25 yrs. miscast in corporate America, probably the only corporate manager picking gunk out from under their fingernails in a Monday morning status meeting!

What drew you to your chosen craft?
Nostalgia!!! I love early American industrial antiques! In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, companies proudly put their name on everything they made, giving these items unique features and characteristics that you don’t see on products in today’s modern age. Those old industrial artifacts are crazy cool!

What do you enjoy most about your craft?
I love to see the reaction on customer’s faces when they connect a memory with one of my lamps. I built a lamp for one customer using an old steam gauge that was from the basement of her grandparent’s home. She was absolutely thrilled to have something that reminded her of days playing and enjoying time at her grandparents’ home.


Projects and Awards (References Upon Request)

  • Lighting in Gordon Ramseys Restaurant, Bread Street Kitchen - Hong Kong
  • Featured on Handcrafted America TV show, Episode 7 (April 2016) - Hosted by Jill Wagner on the INSP network
  • Lighting and tables at 4 Hearts Brewing - Australia 
  • Mindvalley Corporate Headquarters- Kuala Lampur Malaysia
  • RX Boiler Room - Las Vegas Nevada USA
  • James Boags Bar - Launceston Airport Tasmania Australia 2015
  • Best in Show Minneapolis Home and Garden show - Minneapolis MN USA 2014
  • Best in Show Wisconsin State Fair - Milwaukee  Wisconsin USA 2015
  • Top Artist Edina Art Fair - Edina MN USA 2016
  • Top 3 new vendor Minnesota State Fair - Minneapolis MN USA 2015
  • Top Artist - Uptown Art Fair - Uptown MN USA 2015
  • Featured in Minnesota Business Magazine - Dec 2014 issue - Minnesota USA 
  • Lighting used on the set of The Big Bang Theory - Aired 2/11/2016 
  • Featured on MN Original / TPT, Airing spring 2017 
  • Lighting found in Parry's Pizzeria and Bar, Longmont, Colorado, USA 2016
  • Best Display Award, (Best of 400+ vendors) Edina MN Art Fair. 2016
  • Invitational Award, Madison Art on the Square - 2016
  • Lighting/Tables for Epic's Galactic Headquarters (Madison Wi) 2016
  • Best Display, Edina Art Fair 2016
  • Tortaco Mexican Restaurant - Dallas, Texas
  • Tortaco Mexican Restaurant, Fort Worth TX
  • Hand Cut Burger and Chop House - Scottsdale AZ

Our Minnesota crafted steampunk art makes for the perfect tone setter for people interested in machine age styles. Whether you're looking for steampunk wall decor, lighting, tables, or more, we can craft an expert piece of machine age art for you here at Machine Age Lamps.


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