Our Steampunk Lighting Takes Minneapolis Home & Garden Show by Storm

March 17 2014 Written by Shawn Carling

That innovation is Machine Age Lamps' hallmark has been proven once more, as our steampunk lighting solutions bagged the "Most Innovative New Product Award" at the 80th Annual Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. Our product was hailed alongside 13 other equally deserving winners at the event, which concluded on March 2 at the Minneapolis Convention Center.

We were initially selected to be part of "Innovation Avenue", where favorite new products characterized by uniqueness and functionality are featured. Thanks to the exceptional hand-crafted designs of our products, we didn't find it hard to capture the attention of attendees and organizers. As a result, we became one of the 14 companies, out of more than 800 all in all, highlighted during the event. We were even presented daily on stage by none other than "Curb Appeal" host Sasha Andreev.

Apart from this, we were also featured in Kare 11 News and Twin Cities Live on channel 5,where Andreev gave viewers a background on what our products are all about. He noted how we painstakingly pick materials from various sources like old boats, tractors, cars, and water meters to build something new, beautiful, and functional.

In just a little over a year since we started selling our lamps, we have already sold hundreds to clients in the United States as well as overseas, who are looking for something extraordinary that will change how their living spaces look. Each lamp that we produce from our factory in Lakeville, Minnesota is different from the next. Nonetheless, they all boast of remarkable craftsmanship and artistry, all the while remaining safe for day-to-day use. Our lamps come with a heavy-duty, 3-wire power system that has been grounded for your safety, as well as power cords that are securely fastened against the frame.

These measures only enhance the appeal of our steampunk lamps, which are distinguished by antique architectural elements and a tarnished finish that take anyone back in time. Regardless of which space in your house you want illuminated and accentuated, you will always find in our collection that one-of-a-kind lamp that will fit it perfectly. Our selections include farm, steam gauge, floor, and aviation lamps.

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