Steampunk Industrial Steam Gauge Lamp, Minneapolis MN #651

Steampunk Industrial Steam Gauge Lamp, Minneapolis MN #651


This design is made to order and will take about 2 weeks to assemble and ship.  Feel free to call us and discuss pressure gauge options, we have 100's of gauges on hand.

  • Each lamp has a unique serial number and signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) 
    • Lamp #651 is a Copyrighted design, We will register this design with the copyright office as a work of art/sculpture
  • Antique 8" Steam/pressure gauge from the early 1900's
    • Brass dial with a nickle plate, bezel is sold brass
    • Original glass, has a scratch on the face.  we can swap the glass
    • Dates to about 1920
  • Antique 2" smaller pressure gauge 
  • Antique Gear base is from an antique 1930's tractor
  • Antique 1930's brass meter
  • Industrial power on/off switch mounted on the back of the water meter
  • Assembled with various plumbing pipe fittings, some new and some old
  • Stands ~25" tall, 16w x 8d,  very solid and well built, weighs about 31lbs
  • Three wire power system, with approved connectors and wiring, with a ground wire added for safety

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