Steampunk Industrial / Machine Age Lamp / Antique Steam Gauge / Corry

Steampunk Industrial / Machine Age Lamp / Antique Steam Gauge / Corry Water works PA NY / Lamp #2752 sold


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  • Each lamp has a unique serial number and signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) 
    • Copyrighted design, We will register this design with the copyright office as a work of art/sculpture
    • Lamp #2752
  • Antique 8" Steam/pressure gauge from the late 1800's
    • This one of the best steam pressure gauges we have every used In our lighti1ng, and is a large portion of this lamps cost, the guage is amazing
    • Entire brass body gauge and dial
    • Once used by the "Corry water works, holly mfg co, lockport ny"
    • The Corry Water Works Co., was accepted by ordinance on October 7, 1886, and on March 17, 1891 changed its name to the Corry Water Supply Company and was incorporated, That would date the gauge between 1886 - 1891
    • Gauge made by Ashcroft 
      • Antique Gear base 
      • Antique 1930's brass meter
      • Industrial power on/off switch mounted on the back of the meter
      • Assembled with various plumbing pipe fittings, some new and some old
      • Stands ~26" tall, 18w x 11d  very solid and well built, weighs about 25lbs
      • Three wire power system, with approved connectors and wiring, with a ground wire added for safety

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