Steampunk Industrial, Lighted Barn wood Furnace Door Table, Console #9

Steampunk Industrial, Lighted Barn wood Furnace Door Table, Console #966


Contact us if interested in this product

This design is made to order and will take about 3 weeks to ship, feel free to call and discuss options.  We can alter the height or width to your needs.  The structure will all be the same, but the iron stove door on the front will be different.  We have about 20 doors on hand and can send you photos to choose from.   
  • Each lamp has a unique serial number and signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) 
    • Copyrighted design, We will register this design with the copyright office as a work of art/sculpture
  • Lighted Furnace door table
    • The front of the table has an Antique Furnace door from "American Radiator Company" mounted to an old piece of mn barn wood
    • Wood field front is fastened with 4 large bolts and metal banding
  • Lights and outlet on back
    • Lights are controlled with a switch mounted on the right hand side under the table top
    • outlet mounted on back of table, is wired to turn off and on with the switch, we can alter this to be on all the time if needed.
  • Antique Minnesota barn wood top
    • Rough cut timber reclaimed from the floor joists in an old barn
    • Measures 3" think by 16" deep and 60" wide
    • Light coat of clear satin stain will seal and protect, no color or stain added
  • Assembled with various plumbing pipe fittings, some new and some old
  • Stands ~32" tall,  very solid and well built, weighs about 78lbs
  • Three wire power system, with approved connectors and wiring, with a ground wire added for safety
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