Steampunk Industrial Bar / Hostess Stand / Table / Pub / Buffet / #131

Steampunk Industrial Bar / Hostess Stand / Table / Pub / Buffet / #1310


These are made to order and we can make changes to your order as needed. Tables make great rolling bars, buffet and Hostess stands.  We can customize the front wood panel with your desired theme, nautical, industrial etc.   

The stand pictured here we can duplicate almost identically.  The only difference would be the antique steam gauges would be different.  We can source antique pressure gauges that represent your city or theme.   The antique iron builder plate seen here is from the railroad.

  • Measurements 
    • 42" tall
    • 22" deep 
    • 42' wide
  • Barnwood
    • The barn wood front and sides are wood taken from the floor boards in an old barn.  Very cool aging and patina!  
  • Electrical 
    • LED lighting on base to light floor underside
    • Outlet with USB mounted inside right lower compartment
  • Menu holder
    • Mounted to right side when looking at front
  • Casters added to feet
  • Metal top
    • With angle iron lip 1 to 2 inch lip 
    • Bolts installed to simulate rivets 
  • Wood field on front and sides
    • antique gauges and lighting.
    • Pipes and valves
  • Back side
    • One long drawer at top
    • Open compartment on left
    • Compartment on right with door

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