Steampunk Industrial / Automotive / Barnwood / Sun Engine Tester / Tab

Steampunk Industrial / Automotive / Barnwood / Sun Engine Tester / Table / Bar / Table #3962


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Each lamp/table has a unique serial number and is signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) 

  • Table number #3962
  • Antique industrial / steampunk bar or pub table
  • Amazing Antique Sun Engine Analyzer
    • We took this completely apart and cleaned and coated everything to seal and protect
    • All lighting has been rewired with LEDs and looks amazing
    • Each gauge is illuminated with new led lighting
  • Lighting mounted to the underside of tabletop to light up the sun logo!
  • Antique Barn wood top 
  • Old barn wood from a Minnesota USA Barn
  •  45 x 19 measures
  • Metal band mounted to underside lip of tabletop, with old square head bolts
  • Lighting/Electrical
    • Led light strip is mounted under the tabletop to illuminate the front
    • LED inside each gauge
    • LED inside scope
  • Measurements
    • Stands about ~31t"
    • Top 40"w x 19d"
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