Steampunk Industrial / Antique Boiler Stove Door / Steam Gauge / Barn

Steampunk Industrial / Antique Boiler Stove Door / Steam Gauge / Barn Wood / table #2495


This table has sold. However we can re-create A similar version and may take 2 to 3 weeks to ship.

  • Each lamp/table has a unique serial number and signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) 
    • Table number #2495
  • Antique industrial / steampunk sofa or hallway table
  • Amazing Antique Stove/Boiler door 
    • original patina and finish
    • We placed flickering LED lighting behind the door to simulate fire, you can see a video of this by looking on you tube "see video below"
    • Writing on Door "The Weir Furnace, Peoria IL"
    • Dates to early 1900's
  • Pair of antique 4" steam pressure gauge
  • Barn wood front
    • Super cool old floor boards taken from an Minnesota USA late 1800's barn 
  • Barn wood top
    • Top measrues 60x16
    • old Minnesota barn wood rafter wood, 
  • Lighting/Electrical 
    • Pair of lights on right and left
    • Led amber light strip is mounted under the table top to illuminate the front
    • Outlet mounted to back underside of table top 
    • Flickering LED mounted behind the stove door
  • Measurements
    • Stands about ~32t"
    • Top 60"w x 18d"
  • No duties or customs fees inside north america, NAFTA
  • Below is a video of another table we have, this will show you how the flickering led burn behind the door

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