Machine Age Lamp Airplane Aviation Light / WW2 Bomber C-1 Auto Pilot C

Machine Age Lamp Airplane Aviation Light / WW2 Bomber C-1 Auto Pilot Control Panel / Lamp #cc57 sold


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C-1 Auto Pilot systems were used extensively in WWII-era bomber aircraft of the US Army Air Forces, including the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress, Consolidated B-24 Liberator, and the Boeing B-29 Superfortress.  The control panel was located on the pedestal between the pilot and co-pilot.  The C-1 could automatically control the aircraft on straight and level flight or maneuver the plane in response to a fingertip control of pilots or bombardier to achieve precision mission control.  In 1940 Minneapolis-Honeywell Corp became a defense contractor and soon developed the C-1 Auto Pilot system.  April 1941 eight months before Pearl Harbor debacle, the Bombardment Section of the AAF Materiel Command witnessed a demonstration of the new electronic control system. The C-1 Autopilot was a military secret until it had been definitely established.  Critical to mission effectiveness, a bomber aircraft should not deviate from its set course by a single degree. At 25,000 feet, according to precision bombing experts, an error of one mil means that the bomb will miss the target by 360 feet. Yet a bomber weighing 25,000 pounds is free to move up or down, sideways, or tip from right to left.  The C-1 Autopilot was designed primarily for precision bombing and capable of making over 300 flight corrections a minute or more than 5 every second, this precession was unattainable by human means.

  • Total of eight LED lights are located on this lamp feature, seven are located on the C-1 panel and one is located within the gear display above.
  • Six yellow and one red LED’s simulate changing flight status indications, the LED within the gears flashes random colors of red, blue, and green.
  • Lower left control knob may be adjusted to control a red indicator lamp on-off.
  • Aircraft gears used on this lamp were salvaged from various old aircraft and repurposed to complement this lamps machine age look.
  • Black iron re-purposed pipe and fittings are used to secure and support the frame structure of this lamp. Lamp frame is painted with a special metallic iron finish. 
  • Electrical components used within this lamp are new and were obtained from manufactures that have the UL approved endorsement.
  • Included with this lamp is a 60W Antique Vintage Edison style bulb; any standard size medium bulb will work.
  • Located on the back side of this lamp is a variable intensity dimmer control, which adjusts the vintage style bulb for desired light level output. This power control dimmer is also a push-on-push-off power control switch for the vintage style bulb.
  • A separate red push button power switch operates the LED  lighting within the panel and aircraft gears for visual effect.
  • Lamp weigh is 18 lbs. Size  H = 22 ”     W = 8 ”,     D =14 ”
  • Rubber tip protectors are secured to the feet of this lamp to help protect the surface where it sets.
  • Heavy duty 8 ft. power cord has grounded plug with 3 conductors for safety.
  • All Lamp surfaces are grounded for safety, all wiring is securely clamped, protected, and meets safety standards. LED power supply is safely fused, switchable, and isolated from AC lamp power.
  • Each lamp has a copper name plate riveted to back side with serial number stamped. I have sold several lamps and stand behind my workmanship.  Satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Included with this lamp is a framed document of information about the C-1 Auto Pilot System

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