Custom Order Stand

Custom Order Stand


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Stand for Pamela Strommen,   Phone: 952-470-6372

  • Wood top and front similar to the table pictured, but in the measurements below
  • "hostess" console-type table to have outside. 
  • The table will be protected from the rain/sun under our deck,
    • We will add a good, protective coat on the wood table. top and front
    • Iron pipes will have several coats of protectant, but may need re coated every 2 yrs
  • Measurements 
    • 45-50"W x 16"D x 36-42"H
  • Front of table will have a few gears, pipes, dim lights, and maybe an antique-type door..(no auto motif.)
    • We will build the actual table and have you stop out and go over the different options for the table front.
    • Budgeted for 1, 6" steam gauge, if we dont use it we can save you $100 (incl)
    • Metal banding around the underside of the wood top,like  in the 1st photo, $100 (incl)
  • Casters, table will have casters
      • Casters $100 (incl)


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