Custom Order Australia, #884, DC20, #815, #691

Custom Order Australia, #884, DC20, #815, #691


Custom order for Melbourne Australia.

  • Update 9/17/17 Total invoice $4797
    • Paid $ 570 deposit
    • Paid $ 400 wire
    • balance due = $3827

Thanks for the opportunity  to supply lighting and tables.  Looks like shipping will be about $800 (but only charge you $100)

Shipping will be late Sept, to the Melbourne airport

Shipping paid by customer $100

Table #884

  • We will add the metal banding, metal under wood top and additional light for $200.  
  • Brass bezel and Black dial 12" or 14" diameter, We will need to source a vintage gauge the black dial and may take a few weeks.  Gauge will not have a light inside of it.  Depending on the gauge we may recess into the wood like you see on table 884.  But if we find a sold brass body gauge we may surface mount to the wood.   
  • Gears and farm feeder chain 
  • Metal banding to the table top, like we did on 835 
  • Metal around the bottom lip of wood top, like we did on 835 
  • Light added above gauge, like we did on 949 
  • Wood top will be made to your needs, "55 to "60 wide and about "18 deep

Lamp 884

  • Will be made to look very similar

Lamp 691

  • Will look very similar 


  • Ready to ship, this is is the actual lamp we will ship


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