WWII Link Trainer Aviation Instrument Control Panel Lamp CC #29 - SOLD

WWII Link Trainer Aviation Instrument Control Panel Lamp CC #29 - SOLD


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  • This aircraft instrument panel was used as part of a Link Trainer system during WWII.  Produced between the early 1930s and the early 1950s by Link Aviation Devices Inc.   Created out of the need for a safe way to teach new pilots how to fly by instruments.  Based on technology Ed Link pioneered in 1929 at his family's business in Binghamton, New York.  Link trainer sales came about when the Army Air Corps  took over carriage of the U.S. Air Mail and twelve pilots were killed over a 78 day period due to their unfamiliarity and lack of experience with Instrument flying conditions.  The Link Company expanded rapidly during World War II and became known to tens of thousands of fledgling pilots as standard equipment at every air training school in the United States and Allied nations.  During the war years, Link produced over 10,000 trainers.
  • The Link Flight Trainer has been designated as a Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  More than 500,000 US pilots were trained on Link simulators, as were pilots of nations as diverse as Australia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Pakistan, and the USSR.
  •  Gears used in this lamp were salvaged from various old aircraft and repurposed to complement the lamps machine age look.
  • This lamp has a machine age type looking yoke with aircraft gears and light emitting diodes shinning  on the instrument panel for a warm visual effect 
  • A toggle switch is mounted in back of lamp to control power for the LED lighting. 
  • Frame for this lamp utilizes re-purposed black iron pipe.  Some fittings are old and some are new.
  • Electrical components used in this lamp are new and were obtained from manufactures that have the UL approved endorsement.
  • Included with this lamp are three 60W antique vintage edison style bulbs; any standard size medium bulb will work.
  • Located on back side of this lamp is a variable intensity dimmer control, which adjusts the vintage style bulbs for desired light level output. This dimmer is also a push on - push off for power control.
  • Lamp weigh is  63 lbs.  H= 28 1/2”,  W= 36 ”,  D= 19”
  • Rubber tip protectors are secured to supporting feet to help protect the surface upon which this lamp sets.
  • Heavy duty 8 ft power cord has grounded plug with 3 conductors
  • Electrical wiring within lamp consists of 16 AWG aviation mil spec grade silver plated copper with Teflon insulation for durability.
  • All Lamp surfaces are grounded for safety, all wiring is securely clamped, protected, and meets safety standards.

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