Steampunk Machine Age Aviation Instrument Control Panel Lamp & Gears A

Steampunk Machine Age Aviation Instrument Control Panel Lamp & Gears Air Plane #CC25 - SOLD


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Very old vintage aircraft panel and instruments. Obtained from an estate sale where the original owner had three old planes powered by Lycoming engines. The engine RPM instrument is labeled Cessna. The magneto distributor ignition switch was manufactured by the Scintilla Bendix corp.



  • LYCOMING: piston engines power more aircraft in the general aviation fleet than any other company in the world. The company's headquarters is in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
  • SCINTILLA: Engineers in Switzerland developed a very efficient ignition system. In 1929 Bendix Aviation division purchased Scintilla and began manufacturing them in the USA. The type EP-E switch found on this panel was manufactured from late 1930's to early 1940's. Scintilla Bendix EPE Magneto/Distributor Switch can be found on the Cessna UC-78, Waco UPF-7, Avro Anson, and other Jacobs Aircraft Engine Powered airplanes in WWII. In fact, the magneto used in Lindbergh's famous "Spirit of St. Louis" flight was made by Scintilla.  1927: Telegram from Wright aeronautical Corp to Scintilla reads: "Captain Lindbergh's Ryan Monoplane could never have reached Paris without the unfailing spark delivered by Scintilla Aircraft Magnetos to his WRIGHT WHIRLWIND ENGINE (stop) YOUR SPLENDID MAGNETO IS PLAYING A PROMINENT PART IN MAKING HISTORY. DATED MAY 22, 1927."

Lamp Details

  • Vintage aircraft instrument panel from unknown aircraft. Typical of very early years of flight.
  • Aircraft engine parts used in the making of this lamp, valve covers and camshaft gear, came from salvaged Lycoming aircraft engines.
  • Frame for this lamp utilizes re-purposed black iron pipe. Some fittings are old and some are new.
  • Electrical components used in this lamp are new and were obtained from manufactures that have the UL approved endorsement.
  • Included with this lamp is a 60W antique vintage style bulb; any standard size medium bulb will work.
  • Located on back side of this lamp is a variable intensity dimmer control, which adjusts the vintage style bulb for desired light level output. This dimmer is also a push on - push off for power control.
  • Lamp weigh is 28.9 lbs. H= 22”, W=21 ”, D=16 ”
  • Rubber tip protectors are secured to supporting feet to help protect the surface upon which this lamp sets.

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