Steam punk 1940’s WWII Submarine Diesel Engine Generator Control Panel

Steam punk 1940’s WWII Submarine Diesel Engine Generator Control Panel Lamp / Nautical / #cc63 sold


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The feature for this lamp is a diesel-powered submarine instrument control panel.  Source of panel indicated it was used by Fairbanks Morse.  This company began continuous production of 38 8-1/8 diesel two stroke opposed-piston engines in 1938 for the United States Government.  These engines were used for use in diesel-electric submarines of the 1940s and 1950s.  One of the instruments has a service and recalibration stamp of 1952. 

  •  Eleven instruments on this panel are consistent with use in a submarine engine control environment. 
  • Panel is very heavy steel construction. 
  • Four vintage bulk-head lights are from a salvaged shipyard.   LED lighting mounted inside. 
  • Red LED lighting is mounted on the underside of this lamp for visual effect. 
  • Both the bulk-head lights and the red LED lights are adjustable and dimmable.   
  • Gears mounted top side are for a machine age visual look. 
  • Additional separate table lighting is included to luminate the front panel instruments in darker settings. 
  • Black iron re-purposed pipe and fittings are used to secure and support the frame structure of this lamp.   Lamp frame is wielded, braced, secured, and painted with a special metallic iron finish.   
  • Electrical components used within this lamp are new and were obtained from manufactures that have the UL approved endorsement. 
  • Located on the back side is a red push button power switch which controls the low powered LED lighting power supply.  
  • Lamp weigh is 50 lbs.    Size    H= 20.5 ,  W = 20.5 ”,     D = 14” 
  • Rubber tip protectors are secured to the feet of this lamp to help protect the surface where it sets. 
  • Heavy duty 5 ft. power cord has grounded plug with 3 conductors for safety. 
  • All Lamp surfaces are grounded for safety, all wiring is securely clamped, protected, and meets safety standards.  LED 12V power supply is safely fuzzed, switchable, and isolated from AC power. 
  • Each lamp has a copper name plate riveted to back side with serial number stamped.   I have sold several lamps and stand behind my workmanship.  Satisfaction guaranteed.  

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