Aviation Instrument Panel lamp / Aircraft / Airplane / Dash / lamp #cc

Aviation Instrument Panel lamp / Aircraft / Airplane / Dash / lamp #cc54 sold

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This aviation instrument panel featured on this lamp was sourced from an unknown aircraft from the early years of Aviation.  Speculation would indicate the panel would be consistent with possibly an experimental aircraft

  • Instruments used on this panel are typical of bare essential gauges necessary to maintain safe flight.
  • Four Indicator lamps located on front panel are lighted with some flashing at a random rate for a visual effect of aircraft performances changes.  The lamps are retrofitted with more reliable LED lights. 
  • Aircraft gears used on this lamp were salvaged from various old aircraft and repurposed to complement this lamps machine age look.
  • Black iron re-purposed pipe and fittings are used to secure and support the frame structure of this lamp. Lamp frame is painted with a special metallic iron finish. 
  • Electrical components used within this lamp are new and were obtained from manufactures that have the UL approved endorsement.
  • Included with this lamp is a Antique Vintage Edison style bulb; any standard size medium bulb will work.
  • Located at the back side of this lamp is a variable intensity dimmer control, which adjusts the vintage style bulb for desired light level output. This power control dimmer is also a push on-push off power control switch for the vintage style bulbs. A separate red push button switch separately operates the instrument panel lights.
  • Lamp weigh is 16 lbs. Size       H=19.5 ”     W=21.5 ”,     D=13 ”
  • Rubber tip protectors are secured to the feet of this lamp to help protect the surface where it sets.
  • Heavy duty 8 ft. power cord has grounded plug with 3 conductors for safety.
  • All Lamp surfaces are grounded for safety, all wiring is securely clamped, protected, and meets safety standards. LED power supply is safely fuzzed, switchable, and isolated from AC lamp power.
  • Each lamp has a copper name plate riveted to back side with serial number stamped. I have sold several lamps and stand behind my workmanship.  Satisfaction guaranteed.


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