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920 -


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ETA - June 22nd delivery

  • Top will be the 3" thick top, and 60" wide, 16-18 deep
    • Antique gears and chain
    • Instead of the gauge we will use a cool furnace door 
      • You are welcome to stop out and pick one out!
    • Antique miscellaneous steam and water pipe fittings 
    • Lighting with wire shade baskets
      • Switch mounted to right side under table top
    • Antique Minnesota barn wood top measures 60" wide by 16" deep 
      • This was taken from the floor boards, with heavy traffic creating crazy cool patina and character
      • Very light satin clear coat added, keeping the original look.  
    • The field were all doors and lights are mounted are old floor boards
      • Heavy traffic and wear patterns
      • No stain or coatings to this wood, left in original condition, (light sanding)
      • Notice the metal strap/banding with large bots holding the wood in place
    • Stands about ~33t
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