Steampunk Industrial Lamp / Antique BF-70 Capacitance-Resistance Analy

Steampunk Industrial Lamp / Antique BF-70 Capacitance-Resistance Analyzer / Electrical / Meter / Lamp #4273 sold


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  • Each lamp has a unique serial number and signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) 
    • Copyrighted design, We will register this design with the copyright office as a work of art/sculpture
    • Lamp #4273
  • Lamp made from an old cornell dubilier capacitors resistance analyzer bf 70
  • What was a Medal BF -70?
    • Quickly and accurately measures important characteristics of capacitors and re- piston. Wien bridge circuit assures accurate readings unaffected by line voltage variations. Measures capacity of paper. mica. air, ceramic. electrolytic and AC capacitors from .00001 to 2000 nifd in 4 ranges. Checks power factor of electrolytics from 0 to 50 %. May also be used to check continuity, capacity between circuits. insulation of coil and transformer windings. etc. "Magic -Eye" indicates insulation re- sistance of paper, mica. and ceramic capacitors. Built -in VOM for leakage measurements or for external use. VOM ranges: DC volts. 0-15 -150- 750; DC milliampe. 0-1.5-15-75; DC resistance, 2.5 -2500 ohms, 250- 250.000 ohms. 250,000 ohms to 25 mega. All scales calibrated for direct readings. Metal case. Gray hammered enamel finish. Size: 11x10x5 h'. For 110 -125 v., 50-60 cycle AC. Wt.. 11 lbs
  • Vintage tube Signal generator for troubleshooting Radio, TV, Audio gear
  • Industrial power on/off toggle switch on back
  • Assembled with various plumbing pipe fittings, some new and some old
  • Stands ~21" tall, 10w x  very solid and well built, weighs about 15lbs
  • Three wire power system, with approved connectors and wiring, with a ground wire added for safety

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