Steampunk Industrial Refrigerator Bar / Barnwood / Hostess Stand / Aut

Steampunk Industrial Refrigerator Bar / Barnwood / Hostess Stand / Automotive / Large 8' Table / Carroll Shelby / #3930


    This design is ready to ship, Ships in 48 business hours 
        • Officially licensed through Carroll Shelby American 
          • Your name will be registered with Carroll Shelby American along with the tables serial number 
        • The entire wood structure is from amazing antique barn wood 
          • Antique old floorboards taken from a Minnesota USA late 1800's barn 
          • These old timbers are 2" thick
        • Large Carroll Shelby door front 
          • LED lighting inside the door to light up the "98"
          • Mounted to hinges and swings out to expose a hidden fridge.
        • Wheels for easy movement, these can be removed if not wanted 
        • Barn wood top
          • Top measures 75"wx32d x 40 tall
          • Thick 2" timber top!
        • Back of bar
          • Shelves mounted to right and left of the fridge in back 
          • Lighting/Electrical 
            • Led amber light strip is mounted under the tabletop to illuminate the front 

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