Steampunk Industrial / Bar / Barnwood / 42" Tall / Steam Gauge / Keger

Steampunk Industrial / Bar / Barnwood / 42" Tall / Steam Gauge / Kegerator/ Pub Table / #3616


    This design is made to order and may take 4 weeks to ship, we can make changes to the design to fit your needs. 
      • Each lamp/table has a unique serial number and is signed, (serial numbers can be tracked on our website) 
        • Table number #3616
      • Antique industrial / steampunk bar/pub table 
      • Antique barn wood front and sides 
        • These were once old floorboards taken from a Minnesota USA late 1800's barn 
      • Lighting 
        • LED lights around the bottom of tabletop lip to light up the sides and front 
        • LED lighting behind builder plate 
        • Outlet on the left side just under the top 
      • Large 10" brass steam gauge 
        • These larger depth gauges were traditional found on old ships 
        • Dates to 1900's
      • Antique Cover/plate to the left of the gauges and piping 
        • This cover was once used on an old ice machine from the railroad
        • From an old train car 
      • Barn wood top
        • Top measures 60wx32d
        • Thick 2" timber tops!
      • Back of bar
        • 2 shelves mounted in back 
        • 2 doors cover back 
      • Kegerator/refrigerator
        • This bar is designed to house a kegerator or refrigerator,  all mounting and electrical is preinstalled
        • We have the kegerator/refrigerator for this bar on hand, installation, and kegerator /fridge will add $700.
      • Wheels
        • Wheels added to each foot for easy movement, 
        • These can be removed if not wanted 
      • Measurements 
        • 42t x 60w x 32 d

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