Steam gauge Machine Age Steampunk Lamp #2 SOLD Steam gauge Machine Age Steampunk Lamp #2 SOLD

Steam gauge Machine Age Steampunk Lamp #2 SOLD


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The large steam gauge was manufactured by Kewanee Boiler Corp, Kewanee, Ill. 

Lettering on front of gauge states 8½ inches however, the face measures 9¾ inches and the back measures10¼ inches.  Patent date is 19 Feb1924. 

The bezel is brass and the back side is made of cast iron.  Not sure of original use, possibly could be from a steam engine tractor, railroad related application,or wherever steam was used during the machine age.


Smaller gauge has lettering Lonersan pila.


Most of the gears used on this lamp are from old farm tractors and some from other unknown applications.


The larger light at the top of lamp contains a vintage styled 60 watt bulb called “the original one”, similar to

 the original Thomas Edison design of 1879. 


Main power must be switched on for any of the lights to operate.


A variable intensity light dimmer, controls only the larger light.  This control is also a push-on / push-off. 


The flame shaped lights are standard medium size bulbs which gives the look of “flickering flame”.  Both of

 these flickering lights remain on as long as main power is switched on.


The steal gears contribute much to the weight of this item.  Rubber tip protectors are screwed securely to the

 supporting feet to help protect any surface upon which this lamp sets.


Lamp cord has grounded 3 prong plug with three conductor 16 AWG wire.  All surfaces of lamp are

 grounded for safety.  All wiring is securely clamped, protected, and meets safety standards.

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