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Thanks for the opportunity!

We will build a barn beam chandelier using a cool old timber

  • Timber will be  6' in length
  • sizing of timber will be about 4" by 8"
  • We will find one that is similar below, with the joints and dowels (if available)
  • logging chain to the ceiling mount
  • We will wrap the beam with steel and secure with square head plain steel lags
  • power will be offset about 2' and be wired with a plug to plug in, you can cut this off and wire directly if needed
  • We will also supply a super nice cover for your power junction box
  • We will supply square head lags to secure the mounting box as seen below
  • 12 to 14 light sockets
  • Bulbs will hang at different lengths between 6 and 12 below the beam (we can alter this if needed
  • We will include bulbs
  • Free shipping
  • Please let us know how far you would like the top of the beam to be from the ceiling.  (or what is the lowest you would like a bulb to hang)

More notes

The ceiling that this is mounting on is on a slant.  The height of the ceiling in the center of fixture is about 118” from the floor.


I would like the bulbs to hang no lower than about 80” or so but think if you leave some extra chain on it so I could play with the height a bit would be cool.


As far as the beam.

  1. I definitely like the way this is mounted so it is “tall” not wide.
  2. I am very interested  in having the cut end as antiqued or beat up to look as “uncut” as possible
  3. I am willing to wait for a cool beam with the joints and dowels. This is going directly in the middle of my main living area and will be a huge conversation piece.  I want it to look cool and not just  be an old plain beam.  I really like that character
  4. I’m completely happy with that color.

I am sure you will come up with something cool to mount over the electric should I  decide to hard wire it.  The wire will be dead center of the beam and please leave enough to maybe put a loop in it or “drape” t over to the light bass then drop it down

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