Custom Stove bar door

Custom Stove bar door


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  • Will stand 31 ¼  tall this will give you 1/8 on top and bottom, this will give some room to slide the structure in and attach.   We won’t weld the flanges on the top and bottom, to allow for movement when installing
  • Overall structure will be inside 49” wide
    • Door is 24” wide, we will extend the piping out to the be 40” wide
    • Door is 23 tall
  • We will use 5” steam pressure gauges vs. the smaller 2” gauges
  • Adding a couple antique brass gate valves
  • When we start working on it we will add gauges and piping to front of door.  
  • Lighting
    • Using led low voltage lights 12V (all ul approved)
    • Build boxes behind door to install lighting (and keep little fingers out from pulling wires) Will this be water proof?
    • All wires will be hidden in piping or securely attached, and not out where someone can reach behind the pull on them
    • Light strip will be mounted along back top shining up to light up under table DELETED-NOT NEEDED
    • Light strip will be mounted along back bottom shinning down on floor DELETED-NOT NEEDED
    • Low voltage transformer (about 2” x 3”) will be mounted inside an electrical box, with wires extending to another box were your electrician will add the 110V supply

Transformer must be TRIAC dimmable.


  • Metal band will be shipped that you can mount on the underside of the bar
    • 49” wide x 10” deep    47” wide x 9” deep
    • Square head bolts installed on front of band, these are period correct looking bolts (square head)

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