Jeep Watford ND #840 Jeep Watford ND #840

Jeep Watford ND #840


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Will ship to arrive by May 5th  

  • 3" Thick wood top
    • 55" ish.. 60" wide depending how it looks as we begin assymbly 
    • 18" Deep
  • Overall height of table will be 40"
  • Casters will be installed
    • Headlamps will light, parklights wont ($100 more for parklights to function, needs a 12v trasformer and led)
      • Switch will be installed ot the right hand side, mounted to underside of table
    • Grill will be from a 1950's jeep cj (flat front no chrome bars)
    • The design will be a little different than the table pictured here, this will be to make it stand 40" tall and look good.  (see photos of table with gauge, as an example

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