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B-52 Stratofortress Aerial Refueling Panel Aviation Display

An Aviation Display featuring a lighted aerial refueling control panel from America’s most trusted bomber, the Boeing B-52 Stratofortress.   B-52 subsonic bombers were built between the years 1955 and 1962.   B-52 bombers carry fuel for an 8,800-mile mission, so with Aerial Refueling, the bomber’s range is limited only by the crew’s endurance.   The bomber the U. S. Air force cannot just say goodbye.  U.S. Air Force has projected to extend the life of the B-52 through the 2040s by then the airframes will be approaching 90 years old, thus making the planes considerably older than anyone flying them.  B-52s typically are refueled by a KC-135 Stratotanker Jet.  Aerial Refueling between two large aircraft is an intense moment.  Add weather, turbulence, darkness, and a student boom operator, or a maintenance issue, and the intensity of the moment skyrockets.  It takes discipline, focus, and a conscious effort to ’chill’ while air refueling.  The mission requires stable movement towards the refueler at a steady pace. 

As of June 2019, of the 744 aircraft built, 58 are still in service, 18 in reserve, and 12 in long-term storage.


Lighted Aerial Refueling Control Panel From a B-52 Stratofortress Subsonic Bomber

  • All 6-panel indicator lights are original but have internal electrical parts and connections upgraded with LED lighting.
  • Some LED indicator lights are on steady, some blink, some randomly flash and blink to make a status indicator light display.
  • Aviation indicator light caps are separately adjustable to shine just the correct amount of light.
  • Aviation indicator light caps are interchangeable to change the color effect of the display.
  • Two red LED light strips are mounted on the underside and shine backward and down for a red environment display glow. Red glow brightness adjustment control is located at the back of the panel.
  • All toggle switches operate but do not perform display functions due to the unreliability of the aging components.
  • A reset button located in the center of the panel has been upgraded and resets all indicator lights back to starting random state.
  • The refueling panel has been restored, cleaned, painted, and some components upgraded because originally the panel showed considerable signs of saltwater corrosion.
  • Display lights operate from a fused low voltage power supply, isolated from the AC power.
  • A power switch is located on the back of the panel. Push-on, push-off for display power control.
  • The refueling panel has 8 red LEDs lights for within panel lighting. This lighting feature is used on many aircraft for nighttime flying so the illumination of lettering next to controls is visible.
  • You may wish to plug this aerial refueling panel display into your Wi-Fi-controlled socket plug and controlled by your smartphone. On your smart device say, “Google or Alexa start B-52 aviation display.”

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