0554 Nicole Gulati custom

0554 Nicole Gulati custom


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Bar will be modeled  after bar #1310 with some changes noted below

  • Measurements
    • Tall,   50"-55" tall, we will build to be 50" if needed we will add the feet lik on bar 1310 to make it more stable, this will add 5" 
    • Wide , 45" to 50, 50" max
    • Depth, 25" to 32" ish deep , we will target 30 deep
    • Wood top will have an overhang of about 2" all round, 
  • Wood top 
    • we will use our 2" thick barnwood timbers for the top
      • metal band will go around the lip underside 
  • Back of  bar will have 2 large doors
    • open from middle and will expose 2 shelves inside 
  • Front of bar decorations
    • we will lay out some options on the floor before mounting, and send photos for you to choose
      • no handled valves 
    • furnace door and gauges
  • Lighting 
    • two lights will hang down from front of bar 
    • led lighting will be added to the table top lip to light up the front and sides

we can add piping and gauges to the sides of the bar for an additional $250

 Bar will be started 12/22,

eta for delivery will be 1/20/20, sent via freight and will be crated

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